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faculty – alpha list

Dr. Naofal Al-Dhahir
Jonsson Distinguished Professor, Ph.D.: Stanford University
Research interests: Signal Processing Algorithms for Digital Communications Systems, Digital Subscriber Line Technology, Space-Time Coding and Signal Processing , Satellite Communications (LEOs, GPS, Ka-Band), Equalization of Wireless and Wireline Channels and Multi-Carrier Modulation
[email protected]

Farokh B. Bastani
Professor, PhD: University of California, Berkeley 
Research interests: AI-based automated software synthesis and testing, embedded real-time process-control and telecommunications systems, formal methods and automated program transformation, high-assurance autonomous decentralized systems, high-confidence software reliability, safety, and security sssurance, inherently fault-tolerant and self-stabilizing distributed systems, modular parallel programs, tele-collaborative systems
[email protected]

Jorge A. Cobb
Associate Professor, Ph.D.: University of Texas Austin
Research interests: Computer networking, quality of service in computer networks
[email protected]

Nathan Dodge
Senior Lecturer, Ph.D.: University of Texas at Austin
[email protected]

Andras Farago
Professor, Ph.D.: Technical University of Budapest, Hungary
Research interests: Communication networks and their protocols, network design/analysis methods, algorithms, complexity
[email protected]

Andrea Fumagalli
Professor, Ph.D.: Politecnico di Torino, Italy
Research interests: Telecommunication networks: all-optical architectures and protocols, high-speed data and optical networking, survivable networks, sensor networks
[email protected]

John Hansen
Professor, Ph.D.: Georgia Institute of Technology, Distinguished Chair in Telecommunications
Research interests: Speech processing: speech analysis and modeling, robust automatic speech and speaker recognition, language technology, spoken document retrieval
[email protected]

Jason Jue
Professor, Ph.D.: University of California Davis
Research interests: Optical network design and planning, optical network virtualization, software defined optical networks, multi-domain optical networks, network survivability, impairment-aware optical networking, optical network control and management, optical multicasting, optical packet and burst switching, energy-efficient networking, delay-tolerant networks,  wireless and sensor networks
[email protected]

Myoungsoo Jung
Assistant Professor, Ph.D.: Pennsylvania State University
Computer architecture, solid state Ddk (SSD), non-volatile memory (NVM), many-integrated-core (MIC) based parallel computing, GPU architecture, file system, and operating system
[email protected]

Latifur Khan
Professor, Ph.D.:University of Southern California
Research interests: Big data management and analytics, data mining, database systems, semantic web, complex data management (multimedia, geo-spatial)
[email protected]

Kamran Kiasaleh
Professor, Ph.D.: University of Southern California
Research interests: Wireless communications: CDMA, channel estimation, ad hoc wireless networks, optical coding and modulation, wireless multiple access techniques
[email protected]

Cong Liu
Assistant Professor, Ph..D: University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Research interests: Real-time and embedded systems, cyber-physical systems, mobile and cloud computing
[email protected]

Hlaing Minn
Professor, Ph.D.: University of Victoria, Canada
Research interests: Wireless communications, communication theory, signal processing, estimation, signal designs, synchronization, biomedical signal processing
[email protected]

Neeraj Mittal
Associate Professor, Ph.D.: University of Texas Austin
Research interests: Distributed computing, distributed objects, mobile computing, networking and security.
[email protected]

Dr. Won Namgoong
Professor, Ph.D.: Stanford University
Research interests: OFDM radio systems; ultra-wideband radio circuits and systems; non-linear and time-varying systems; millimeter wave circuits and systems; cognitive radio circuits and systems.
[email protected]

Dr. Aria Nosratinia
Professor, Ph.D.: University of Illinois
Research interests: Signal processing, coding and information theory; wireless communication; DSP, image and video processing; multimedia wireless communications.
[email protected]

Balakrishnan Prabhakaran
Professor, Ph.D.: Indian Institute of Technology
Research interests:  Multimedia systems, wireless quality of service (QoS), multimedia databases, 3D models and motions databases
[email protected]

William Pervin
Professor Emeritus, Ph.D.: University of Pittsburgh
Research interests: Professor Pervin research interests include Digital signal processing, programming languages and software and computer engineering.
[email protected]

Ravi Prakash
Professor, Ph.D.: Ohio State University
Research interests: Mobile computing (location management, mobile-TCP, cell planning, channel allocation), check pointing and recovery, causally and totally ordered message delivery, clocks and dependency tracking
[email protected]

Balaji Raghavachari
Professor, Ph.D.: Pennsylvania State University
Research interests: Design and analysis of algorithms, database design, approximation algorithms, combinatorial optimization, scheduling problems, vehicle routing and traversal problems
[email protected]

M. Saquib
Professor, Ph.D.: Rutgers University
Research interests: Various aspects of wireless data transmission – including system modeling and performance, signal processing and radio resource management – with an emphasis on open-access techniques for spectrum sharing. Interests also include designing signal-processing techniques for low-cost radar and medical applications.
[email protected]

Dr. Murat Torlak
Professor, Ph.D.: University of Texas at Austin
Research interests: Design and implementation of antenna array methods for wireless communications, real-time DSP algorithms, statistical signal processing, equalization for mobile communications, multiuser communications and wireless channel propagation modeling.
[email protected]

P.K. Rajasekaran
Senior Lecturer, Ph.D.
[email protected] \

Kamil Sarac
Associate Professor, Ph.D.:  University of California Santa Barbara
Research interests: Computer networks, internet measurements, network and service monitoring, network protocol design
[email protected]

Joseph Callenes-Sloan
Assistant Professor, Ph.D.:University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Research Interests: Computer Architecture, Low-Power Design, Fault Tolerant Systems, High Performance and Scientific Computing
[email protected]

Marco Tacca
Senior Lecturer, Ph.D.: University of Texas at Dallas
Research interests: Telecommunication Networks, Network Optimization, Network Simulation
[email protected]

Subbarayan Venkatesan
Professor, Ph.D.: University of Pittsburgh
Research interests: Fault tolerance, distributed algorithms, telecommunication networks, and mobile computing
[email protected]

Eric Wong
Professor, Ph.D.: Purdue University
Research interests: Program-based testing, debugging, reliability, safety, and analysis
architecture/design-based testing, debugging, metrics, and analysis
[email protected]

I-Ling Yen
Professor, Ph.D.: University of Houston
Research interests: Cloud Computing, P2P Computing, Service-Oriented Computing, Quality of Service Assurance, High Assurance Systems, Dependable Distributed Systems
[email protected]

Si Qing Zheng
Professor, Ph.D.: University of California at Santa Barbara
Research interests: Algorithms and data structures, computer architectures, hardware/software co-design, optical interconnects, optimization, parallel and distributed processing, telecommunication and networks, VLSI
[email protected]