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research overview

The Jonsson school carries out a broad range of study and research in telecommunications, addressing all phases of this field.
The school has active programs in:

  • Classical network design and optimization
  • Research in the construction of all-optic networks
  • Photonic components
  • Optical transmission, including nonlinear optics
  • Traffic engineering
  • Internet protocol design and traffic analysis
  • Ad hoc networking
  • Wireless networks and components
  • Modulation, coding and transmission for wireless applications
  • Multimedia system design and analysis
  • Mobile networking and computing, including mobile IP
  • Solid-state circuit work in support of wireless systems, including the use of MEMS and development of very low power digital circuitry
  • Operating system work in support of network-enabled computing
  • Source encoding and data compression, including image processing for medical and seismic applications
  • High-performance parallel computing, hardware and algorithms
  • Development of computer design tools to support numerous aspects of telecommunications system design and analysis